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What is OER?

Open Educational Resources (OER) are educational materials that are openly licensed. This means that OER is Reused, Revised, Remixed, Redistributed, and Retained. OER provides a more affordable and accessible experience for students.

Benefits to Professors: Information in OER can be edited, removed, or added to. Professors pick and choose the most valuable parts of the textbooks to fit their teaching objectives.

Benefits to Students: OER is retainable and affordable. Students pay up to $1,000 per year for learning material. They often rent, resell, or do not buy the required textbooks at all.

DSU has a designated team that helps professors find and edit OER. Schedule an appointment with us!

Have you heard a myth about OER? Get the facts!

Textbook inflation.
The price of college textbooks is skyrocketing.

Help Available on Campus:

The Center for Teaching & Learning

Office of Digital & Extended Learning

Scott Allen: Scott.Allen@Dixie.Edu (435)-652-7863

Kathleen Broeder: Kathleen.Broeder@Dixie.Edu (435)-652-7718

Ryan Hobbs: Ryan.Hobbs@Dixie.Edu (435)-879-4653