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OER are teaching or learning materials in the public domain that can be reused, revised, remixed, redistributed, and retained.

Videos, interactive materials, intrachapter knowledge checks, and customizable quizzes & tests are some of the perks of using OER.

These resources are found mostly online and can be easily edited with third-party applications.

Teaching Benefits: OER can be edited, removed, or added to, allowing content to be adapted to meet teaching preferences and approved learning outcomes.

Learning Benefits: OER provides the learner with affordable access to learning materials that can be retained beyond the course session.


  • Too complex?
  • Not really free?
  • Too high-tech?
  • Unsustainable?

Get the facts!

Yes, certain types of licenses will not allow reusing, revising, remixing, or redistributing.

This infographic explains the types of licenses.

Did you know?


Spent by students at DSU, on average, each year for textbooks.


Of students at DSU did not purchase a textbook because of its cost.

The Five R's


OER is downloadable and can be reprinted and reused indefinitely.


Similar to publisher material, chapters and segments of OER should be updated regularly. Unlike publisher material, OER can easily be revised.


Pulling material from multiple sources and sewing them together as one is just a part of OER’s beauty.


Revisions, updates, and remixes to OER material can be redistributed and circulated for the convenience of all.


Students are able to keep their textbooks to reuse later in life.

Less students drop of out classes because of high textbook cost.

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